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Meet Our Leadership

Intensive Specialty Hospital
Keith Cox
Keith Cox leads Intensive Specialty Hospital as CEO with more than 27 years of Healthcare experience.
After serving in the Louisiana Army National Guard, Keith began his nursing career upon graduating from Northwestern State University of Shreveport.
With his nursing background and other business experiences, Keith progressed into the Business Development department as a Clinical Liaison. He later returned to school in 2003 and graduated from Centenary College in 2005 with his MBA,
Keith was promoted to COO and later CEO, and subsequently served as CEO to Doctor’s Hospital of Shreveport and later Lifecare Hospital of Shreveport. Prior to joining Intensive Specialty Hospital, Keith served as CEO to Pathway Rehabilitation Hospital in Bossier City. Throughout his journey in Healthcare, Keith’s passion for patient care has always served as an example to his co-workers to be the best they can be and treat their patients as if they were their own family members.
Intensive Specialty Hospital
Anthony Jones

Dr. Anthony Jones is the Chief Operating Officer of Intensive Specialty Hospital.

On his path towards COO, Anthony has worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse, Clinical Liaison, Director of Psychiatric Services, and Behavioral Health Administrator at Intensive Specialty Hospital.

Anthony has more than thirty years of healthcare experience, working in Psychiatric and Long-term-acute-care hospitals. In addition to his Practical Nursing degree, Associates in Public Administration, Bachelor’s in Organizational Mngt, and a Master of Science in Administration (Healthcare Svc). Anthony now holds the title of Doctor of Healthcare Administration.

Anthony has also served four years of active duty in the United States Army prior to his healthcare career.

Intensive Specialty Hospital
Shawn Reed

Shawn is a highly experienced and dedicated professional with a long history of service to ISH. He has served in various roles in the Business Development department since 2003, including Director of Business Development from 2011 to 2021. His hard work and dedication have been rewarded with a promotion to Chief Administrative Officer in 2021 and Managing Director of ISH North and Pierremont in 2022. Shawn is a passionate and knowledgeable leader who is committed to providing the highest quality of service and care. He is an invaluable asset to the ISH team and is dedicated to helping the organization reach its goals. In January of 2023, Shawn was appointed as Managing Director of the North and Pierremont Intensive Specialty Hospitals.

Intensive Specialty Hospital
Dillon Hart, NP
Dillon is a certified nurse practitioner who has displayed great leadership skill throughout his 12 years with our facility. He has made a positive impact on our culture by meticulously improving quality of care within each clinical department.
Charles Law

Charles graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Northwestern State University in 2002. He started his career working mainly on Med-Surg units and expanded his experience over his career in Orthopedics, Intensive Care, Neuro Intensive Care, and Cardiac / Neuro Stepdown units and Emergency Departments. In 2010 he started his career with this organization as a clinical evaluator. He has remained in that position as a vital part of the Business Development team until his promotion to Director of Business Development in December of 2022.