Intensive Specialty Hospital

Intensive Specialty Hospital

Expert care for your specific case, no matter how complex.

Medical-Psychiatric leadership when it matters most.

Others say, “We’ll do our best to help.”

We say, “We have just the right expert for your case.”

Intensive Specialty Hospital is a long-term acute care hospital in Northwest Louisiana with locations in Shreveport and Bossier City. We help patients who need care for longer than is available in general hospitals. When you’re looking to place your care or that of a loved one in capable hands, our multidisciplinary expertise sets our team apart.

Northwest Louisiana’s most sought-after long-term acute respiratory care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Intensive Specialty Hospital

“No regrets”

I was literally praying about where to put my dad, when I heard about Intensive Specialty Hospital and that was my answer. And when Dr. Huan Q. Le, MD came behind it…that was my confirmation right there. I have no regrets.

Excellent care.

Numbers we’re grateful for.


Fewer complications

than the national benchmark


Fewer hospital readmissions

than the national benchmark


More successful rate of return home

than the national benchmark

Intensive Specialty Hospital

What Is Med-Psych Leadership?

It’s our answer to patients and families who need expert treatment of illness or injury that occurs alongside psychiatric conditions or addiction. Because where others say, “We’ll try,” we say, “We’ll do this expertly with seasoned specialists who match your need.”

Med-Psych Leadership means patients can get specialized care when it matters most.

Meet some of the most caring providers you’ve ever known.

Get your loved one back on their feet with a multidisciplinary approach.

Discover ventilator care done right: a 24/7 pursuit.

From Our Google Reviews

“During the COVID crisis, they spared no expense”

Intensive Specialty Hospital

Melissa Frick

I cannot say enough good things about the direction the company is headed in! Our facility has been through tough times in the past, under previous ownership and leadership, but the new owners truly care about people. During the COVID crisis, they spared no expense, purchasing the most advanced equipment available to protect staff and patients. I have witnessed huge technological and infrastructure improvements in the last 18 months since the new owners purchased the facility. They are fully invested in making our facility a great place to work and receive medical care!

“Kindness and professionalism”

Intensive Specialty Hospital

Brian Willet

Thank you to staff that had patience and understanding. Below is a list of those who showed kindness and professionalism. Forgive me if I misspelled anyone’s names.

1. Vola – nurse
2. Quinton – nurse
3. Stacie – night nurse
4. Dillon – nurse practitioner
5. My physical therapist
6. All house supervisors
7. Richard – weekend kitchen staff
8. My infection doctor
9. The housekeeping staff (great folks)
10. Daphne Stephenson – hospital administration

I may have missed a few people, but you know who you are. Thanks to all of you.

“Top notch”

Intensive Specialty Hospital

Ashley Reed

my father-in-law was here and they took great care of him. The staff were pleasant and eager to help. The physicians, nurses and therapists were top notch. Couldn’t think of a better place for him to have been. We were very pleased with his care.

Proud to be the only local LTAC with ICU beds certified by the Louisiana DOH.